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Common Concerns in Finding Musicians for Corporate Events

  • It’s hard to find singers, musicians and bands that have government permits and can provide an official receipt.
  • You have to find a band that matches the company’s event theme.
  • Talent is one thing, but it’s hard to find a supplier that can also deal with you professionally on a corporate level.

Tragic tales told by some of our clients...

  1. They hired a band only to find out in the end that they couldn’t issue an official receipt. Because of this, they were not be able to reimburse their talent fees from the Accounting Department and they had to pay from their own personal pockets. 
  2. Their guests were people in their senior years but the band they got had a limited repertoire and thus played new songs that their audience can’t relate to. In choosing musicians, it is important to complement the event theme and match the taste of your guests. All of these will greatly affect your experience and the experience of your colleagues, bosses and special guests.

How to find the right band for your event

Ask for the band’s Certificate of Registration (COR) / BIR Form 2303 to ensure that they could provide you with an official receipt. 

Check the genres that the band plays and ask for recommendations on what would best fit your event theme.

Watch the band’s sample videos and determine if the visual and musical experience that the band gives matches your company standards and the ambiance of your event.

What Serenade Society can do for you

  • Provide A Memorable Party Experience: With a pool of more than 30 musical artists of different expertise, we can cater to various genres that would best fit your event theme. 
  • Give You Peace of Mind: No need to worry that the band supplier you hired may not show up. Serenade Society has a business registration under the name of Meira Events Management and issues official receipts. 
  • Exceptional Work Ethics: We subject our artists to incentives and evaluations to make sure that they are always on time, presentable and well-rehearsed in every event.
  • Outstanding quality: We have a professional sound technician for quartet setups and above to ensure an outstanding quality of sound during performances.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We have friendly and professional coordinators that will take care of you from inquiry to your actual event.
  • Free Consultations: We help create the right ambiance through recommending the appropriate music and band setup to our clients.
  • Sensitivity to Client’s Preferences: We closely coordinate with our clients to make sure that our performance includes the songs that matches the audience’s demographics.
  • Smooth Online Transaction: We can process your booking completely online. Save time and effort from going out of your way for a meet up just to confirm your booking.

Companies who've tried the services of Serenade Society

The Bellevue Manila Chose Jazz Music for Cellar 22's Anniversary

The Bellevue Manila wanted a classy way to celebrate the 1st year Anniversary of their stylish speakeasy, Cellar 22, so they booked Serenade Society's jazz artists.

Live Bossa Nova Music for MyTown Auckland's "Havana Night"

For MyTown's New Year Party, they decided to have "Havana Night" so they called on Serenade Society to perform Bossa Nova and famous party hits (including "Havana," of course). MyTown also had what When in Manila calls "one of the most unique and fun experiences for normal 'non-rock-star' folks like you and me" and that is, a "rockeoke," wherein the guests had the opportunity to sing their requested songs with SS' live band.

Live Retro and Modern Party Music at Philam Life's Night of Nobles

Philam Life almost didn't have a live band for their President's Cup and Inaugural Dinner but they realized they just couldn't let this event pass without having one. A few weeks nearing the event, they got in touch with Serenade Society through ToyComm Advertising and asked them to perform party hits at their event.

Nestlé Honored Their Employees with Live OPM Serenade

The world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company sure knows how to take care of its employees. For two events, Nestlé hired Serenade Society to serenade its employees with Original Pinoy Music (OPM) in Filipiniana-themed Service Awards Ceremonies.

What kind of music would fit Shangri-La's Italian-Themed Event?

Shangri-La consulted Serenade Society's Band Manager on what would be the best music to complement the theme of their event, "Meetings Made More Rewarding." SS' Band Manager recommended SS' Duo to perform Classical and Italian pieces for their guests from different Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts.

SS Acoustic Duo Performs at Korean Air's Corporate Awards Night

Korean Air has been inviting Serenade Society for two events now to serenade their top bookers. On their most recent event, SS' Duo surprised the crowd with their acoustic rendition of the famous dance hit, "Boom Boom."

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